Heights House

It’s hard to avoid the fact that for many Australians, affordability is the single toughest trial on the road to home ownership. The Heights House offers an answer to this existential challenge, employing clever design and use of space to create a more affordable, energy conscious home.

Like many first home buyers, price played the deciding role in the purchase of a hilly plot of land in the ruggedly beautiful Hornsby Heights. Deemed seemingly ‘unbuildable’ the site, while budget friendly presented a stark challenge to the building of a large traditional style home.

This provided an opportunity to strip back all non-essential elements and design an energy conscious home that uses high quality materials to effortlessly fit into its bushland setting — at a price that is significantly more affordable.
The key element is a question of scale. Employing smart space design the EHeights House easily fits a family of four with spacious open plan living areas without unnecessary square metres. A focus on honest raw finishes eschews the need for superfluous materials while accruing an authenticity with its surroundings.