Forrester’s House

From the froth and fury of a winter storm to the horizon grazing expanse of calm summer seas, the ocean has a powerful presence on our lives — both energising us and bringing rest and relief to roving minds. Forrester’s House is built to embrace the elemental energy of the ocean, while providing respite from the power of coastal winds.

Perched on a sandy bluff, the Forrester’s House casts a commanding view over the crashing surf below. Incorporating local hardwood, the home is designed to tread lightly on the environment and weather slowly, anchoring the recent build into the fabric of the landscape around it.

Answering to a need for a multi-generational home, the Forrester’s House layout is built around separate living spaces that give each family member their own space while providing room to come together and enjoy an unobstructed view of the open ocean; enhanced by a design that promotes privacy from the neighbours and delivers a personal panorama of the stunning surroundings.