Castlecrag House

Set into a sandstone outcrop overlooking a leafy arm of Sydney Harbour, Castlecrag House shines in radiant white, a testament to the clean lines and linear shapes of it’s modernist 70’s origins. Our task was to respectfully revitalise this heritage residence bringing a renewed liveability to its iconic design, while restoring it’s unique look and feel.

Restored as a series of minimalist boxes that intersect gracefully against a rugged sandstone backdrop, the Castlecrag House gave us the chance to work with a modernist classic. With a facade that had weathered back to its bones through half a century of harsh sun and a layout that matched the expectations of a family in the 70’s, the brief called for a respectful restoration and refurbishment.

Working in essence, to restore the spirit of the original design the exterior was revitalised with a complete render and restored with modern materials true to the character to the original design.

Inside, saw us expand the entrance to enhance a sense of place, while transforming the kitchen from a hidden room, to a light filled space that invites family and friends to feel relaxed and socialise as it opens into the living areas of the home.