Belmont House

Seams of jet black coal ripple through the grey, white and earthy ochre sandstone that line the foreshore of Lake Macquarie — providing a glimpse into the areas industrial past as well as lending its colour palette to the sustainably designed, residential family home, Belmont House.

Lake Macquarie as a building location offers beauty and challenge in equal measure. The lake itself fans out in a wide panorama of deep turquoise blue bordered on the horizon by the green hills of the Yengo National Park. It is a view best absorbed at sunset, drinking in the splendour of the natural world.

The westerly position is also open to searing hot summer winds that combine with a marine glare to create a powerful reminder of the strength of the Australian elements.

These elemental forces informed the design and materials used for Belmont House, with local sandstone, natural hardwoods and black aluminium incorporated to create a home firmly planted with a profound sense of place. Belmont House’s innovative design serves to provide calm and enjoyment in all elements while effortlessly enduring the challenges of its unique positioning.